What classes do you offer?

Please see our classes page for our current classes being offered.

What time do classes start?

Please see our schedule for current class times.

How do I join?

Please call or stop by the studio. We would love to help get you started learning new skills in martial arts. 559-324-7900

Do you offer online (Zoom) classes?

Limited online classes are being offered. Please contact Dustin if interested. 559-790-5997

I would like to purchase online course material (Pre recorded videos), how does it work?

Simply purchase the appropriate course material for the current belt you are studying. You will receive instructional videos for all techniques and forms up to your current study level. You will be billed monthly for continued access to the material.

How will I be billed?

We currently use PayPal subscriptions to receive your monthly payments. Enter in your PayPal information or use a valid credit card upon check out to set up recurring payments.

I no longer need online videos, how do I cancel?

To cancel your subscription to online course material, you need to log into your PayPal account. Go to Account Settings -> Payments -> Manage Automatic Payments. Here you will see your current recurring payments. Find G.L. Kenpo and cancel your subscription. We cannot do this for you.