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Little Dragons

This class is for younger children just beginning their journey in Martial Arts. Typically 3-5 yrs of age. We will help teach them how to focus and listen, as
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Jr. Beginners

This is our beginner class for older children who are just starting out, or students moving up from our Little Dragon class. We will help teach them how to
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Jr. Intermediate & Advanced post thumbnail

Jr. Intermediate & Advanced

This class is for our more advanced young students who have progressed through our beginning level belts. Here they will begin to learn advanced techniques and forms, their coordination
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Adult Beginners

Whether you’re looking to get in shape, learn a new skill, or you just want to be able to defend yourself, Graham Lelliott Kenpo Karate is here for you.
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Adult Intermediate & Advanced post thumbnail

Adult Intermediate & Advanced

This class is for our adult students that have progressed through our lower ranks. You are well on your way to becoming a black belt under Graham Lelliott himself!
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Private Lessons

We have private lessons available if you would like to work one on one with Graham Lelliott. Get the full focus of one of the most experienced Kenpo Krate
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